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A)  How to be very successful in this way of making money online

   It is necessary to meet several conditions. The first one is, you should know much, much more about intended product or service, you would like to promote, than it is commonly known. When you want to describe your commodity, you should mention good features the product has. Useful idea is to remember even bad experience,  if any. This is very helpful. You can gain the trust of visitors.

   Next condition is obvious too. When you want to promote for example dog’s food, you can not do it on web pages about flowers. The reason is very simple as well. Not too many visitors of those pages will expect dog’s food ads there.

  The third condition is traffic. You have to have heavy traffic. You can use different forms of Traffic Exchanges, emails, forums etc. When emailing, be sure you do not spam.

   The fourth one is time spent. Time is your investment. The more, the better. Many of online offers promise to work 10 min/day. I can not agree with it. Remember, “No pain, no gain“.

   If you need the tools for building affiliate website with WordPress, you can use this link, if you like. I think you will not regret it.


tips and tricks
tips and tricks

 B)  The info you should know

   When you promote a product or service and make a sale, you will get paid a commission. It is quite different. Some companies offer low commission 5%, next 30%, 40%. There are companies, which pay up to 75%. But this is relatively worse to make a sale, because of the higher product price.

   If you want to register for a new affiliate program, you should be sure, that this is not fake. Mr. Google will help you, but in this case,  do not worry about it, because I each and every app check by Google.

   I would like to remind you, that this way of making money is not getting rich quick scheme. Patience brings roses.

   Here you are two possibilities, how you can see abbreviations concerning making money online.

Pay Per Click (PPC) – In Pay Per Click programs you get paid for all valid clicks that you generate
regardless of leads/sales.
Pay Per Lead (PPL) – In Pay Per Lead programs the advertiser pays you a commission (a fixed amount) for
a qualified action which can be a short survey, free trial, install, sign up, online form submission etc.
A perfect example of Pay Per Lead programs would be dating websites which usually pays for a free trial.

Pay Per Sale (PPS) – In Pay Per Sale programs the advertiser pays you a percentage of all qualified sales.

Cost Per Action (CPA) model pays you for specific actions and it can be simple form submissions, downloads,
surveys, etc.

Cost Per Lead (CPL) model pays for leads and it’s usually a “signup” that involves email or credit card
verification (because it makes the lead more valuable).

Cost Per Sale (CPS) model pays for actual sales and it means they share a percentage of sale value with you.

Cost Per Click (CPC) model as you probably know pays for “clicks” — no matter whether your referral
traffic helped them generate a lead/sale or not.


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      Now is the time to add some next information about your promoting. It is very important what you will choose, what niche is most suitable for you. When you do your search which product (or service) is well sold, it doesn’t mean that it will be good for you too. It could be one of more mistakes the affiliate marketers do. The reason is probably the one. They want to earn money asap.

       As I mentioned above how to know the product you want to promote, next good idea is to have that one tested. You will not have the problem with explaining questions and complains then.

      We can consider among mistakes to ignore SEO process and not having the effective keywords. It is a good idea to have a keywords list and test them.

  From the beginning is better to promote one product only. You know it very well and then you can afford take up next products, but the similar ones. In no case different sorts. Your customers will get to know and you can lose their confidence.

Next mistake can be promoting too many products. You will find, you need much more time for it and will not be able to catch everything in time.