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   My internet beginnings started by the end of 2012, so in time, when I have been in retirement for three years. I tried to start making a blog. After some time I detected, it was not quite right for me. It was the reason why I changed my opinion on earning money on the internet.

   I started to promote some programs and earned some money.   In the meantime I had an impression, a muse kissed me such a way, I was able to write an e-book. About man’s adultery. Then I performed transfer onto an audio book. ( You can taste a few samples here.)

   After that, I decided to find many companies, which offer affiliate programs. I was looking for those only, where no fees were included. What were my surprises, when I read how many corporations do not act seriously and try to snatch only a lot of visitors with no effect. I myself  became a victim several times. From that time, when looking for new offers, I usually ask Google for reviews of an intended company.  It takes some time and here is a web page with free affiliate offers. However, there is one big exception, category – Investing & Trading, here it is the duty.

   In these days I continue in completing new offers to the pre-prepared incomplete categories. Come back after 2 or 3 weeks and you will see the changes I have made.

   Good news for you.  In my category Investing & Trading are just added new affiliate offers from BAN. Now, you can find there Binary Options, Casinos, Forex, Health & Beauty, Dating, CPL offers, Services, Shopping, Travel. So hurry up on it. Everything under one registration.


Dear visitor,

   accept please, my big apology for my delay in answers to your comments. I have, in those days, some problems with internet connection. I hope it will be solved asap. Thank you for understanding.  (07.31. 17)


Dear visitor,

   today, I have added two new links in Web Building category.  (08.2.17)


Dear visitor,

   until this day I did not use a spam blocking programme and had in a short time more than 400 comments. I had to spend a lot of time to answer them. But after installing Effectively blocking comment spam programme (Akismet), all your comments fell into the spam folder. That has two pages. Good and bad. The good is for me and bad for me too. In the first case I have saved time (no answers) and in the second I lost contact with you. This is worse. From that reason, it would be better to register to my page just now.  (08.10. 17)


Dear visitor,

    I have got problems, probably. I can not understand, why most of you (visitors) write comments in an abstract way, like “in the last article”, ” your info”, etc. Why not use ” in your My history article…”, ” your info about affiliate offers…”. I mean it could be as pre-prepared phrases to use where ever. I think, to be specific is more clear and understanding. Everyone immediately knows,  what we are talking about.

   Next thing is, that again, any of you does not subscribe form below the comment form. All your comments are at spam folder then.  Try to do this, please, for me, to know, where the problem is. (Add the notice I have signed, I could check it, please.)

   And the last thing is the most important. My web page is a huge list (and next will be added) of affiliate offers for you, my visitors, to promote any of them and make money online.  Or no one wants money? In comments are mentions, interesting and so on, but no notice, I have registered in your BAN affiliate offers, for example. ( It is not the duty to notify me.) (08.16.17)



Dear visitor,

   in last 2 weeks I was very busy, but unfortunately, in vain. I had a next chosen affiliate program to promote. I was studying their rules, duties and everything what is necessary to know before starting a new project. It was the well-known program, intended to the category “Investing & Trading”. I found it very complicated and demanding registration process, which, would discourage many visitors. And the more important thing I have found with Google help was, almost no will to pay commission to their affiliate members. It was the reason I have decided to cancel my account at this firm. What was my surprise, when I wanted to terminate it, there was no possibility to do that. So I sent an email them to get to know, how to do it. (Each solid company should have the way, where anyone can do this.) Now, I am waiting for the solving answer. The first was a persuasion and effort to find my reasons why I want to.

   Well, in no case I will not get back, but will be preparing a next new affiliate program to the mentioned category. ( 09/18/2017)



Dear visitor,

   this time I had to make a little change and not to prepare the new offers, but in my site appearance. It took me some time when I was not much satisfied with its look.  It was continuously changed, saved and preview. I would forget I had to study manuals how to everything set, of course. There were plugins, their setting etc. And “the best thing” was, when I started to understand, was too late and time to go to bed.  And next day from the beginning again. I did not mention answers for your comments. In short time I had more than 120 comments without reaction. Days passed and I can now say, it is possible to publish it.  




Dear visitor,

I have a lot of news for you. In last days I made many searches to find suitable programs to promote. And, as usual for me, I was disappointed a few times, when I spent many days by exploring new affiliate programs which seemed to be good, but unfortunately, they did not. So I had to start again to look for next ones. I mean I made a good choice. You can find it in category Travelling or here.  There are next pieces of knowledge you could need for your decision. I hope you could be satisfied.